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  • A sweet, refreshing martini drink in green apple flavour with generous measures of house vodka to give it a proper kick

  • An incarnating cocktail dating back to 1934 comprising of an equal part of vodka and triple sec plus fresh cranberry juice for extra fruitiness

  • A traditional, aperitif cocktail best for your taste buds as you wait to be served a delicious meal, not to mention the olives

  • Adopted from the famous Cosmopolitan with a minty twist in taste, we bring you a signature cocktail to mix and mingle with

  • A Mexican tequila thirst-quencher with triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice

  • A gentleman’s drink that takes a little more time to craft but to a perfect mix of sweet Merlot and Bourbon whiskey for a perfect evening

  • An iconic, raspberry-based cocktail infused with fresh berries and perfectly complemented with expressive notes of rum plus fresh pineapple juice

  • The Hickory’s crafty bartenders bring you a well-balanced, spicy and herbaceous gin-based cocktail with hints of rosemary and basil

  • A Hickory perfection of London gin, bold and aromatic with a sensational strawberry and grapes finishing. You have definitely got to try this

  • An iced punch comprising of an infusion of fruits and red/white wine

  • Famous for evening chills served sweet and sour with a nice, pulpy, pineapple texture to your palates

  • Baileys Irish cream freakshake to a treat of cookies and chocolate

  • 22

    A Cuban classic dating as far as the 1500’s with a simple mixture of rum, mint, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice

  • For the love of our customers, it is a no cheat zone since we go all the way with the spirits. For islanders, you are going to love it

  • Adopted from the famous bullfrog, dive into this boozy, energetic drink but be careful as you might go legless with this one since it is powered with five different spirits and red bull

  • The pearl of Africa is well known for its beautiful tropical islands, which is why we have crafted this fruity punch out of Uganda waragi pineapple. Sit back and allow the island breeze to blow you away

  • A summer cocktail that pairs vodka with whisky liqueur and is finished with fresh watermelon juice

  • 24

    A highly flavoured, long, refreshing drink with touches of quality rum infused in tropical fruit juice and Italian liqueur

  • Amarula, chocolate sauce and spiced rum perfectly blended in equal portions will definitely get you glammed up

  • Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey spiced up with ginger ale to create the perfect refresher

  • A gin and tonic spiced up with mint liqueur and fresh mint. You have definitely got to try this

  • Get hammered with this passion and berries-infused beauty made out of skky vodka. She is sexy and strong too

  • Enjoy this vodka-based, raspberry cocktail with love and affection

  • 25

    Enjoy this refreshingly bitter classic made with vibrant Campari, sweet vermouth and gin

  • A nice blend of Uganda waragi coconut with a touch of Smirnoff vodka and strawberry purée

  • Forget the boring piña colada you know for this one combines fruit and booze like no other

  • A fruity and flavourful cocktail with vivid colours comprising of vodka, blue curaçao liqueur, cointreau liqueur and strawberries

Cocktails By Pitcher

  • Raise your eyes toward the denim horizon with this thirst-quenching mixture of coconut rum, blue curaçao liqueur and lemonade

  • A rejuvenating combination of strawberries, basil and lemonade that is downright addictive since it is super light, refreshing and drinkable

  • An iced punch comprising of an infusion of fruits and red/white wine

  • Treat yourself to this melon-flavoured cocktail that combines vodka, rosé wine and an assortment of fresh fruits to create a refreshing, thirst-quenching beverage


  • Elevate your mood with this fancy, tropical punch

  • Enjoy a cool, coastal, coconut refresher with sweet, pineapple juice

  • For the love of our non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers, the Hickory brings you virgin mojitos

  • Barista, s choice of tropical fruits blended with ice

  • A sweet, cool and tropical delight comprising of fresh pineapple juice and mint leaves

  • Detoxify with this nutrient-filled smoothie comprising of avocado, bananas, mangoes, celery and spinach with an addition of vanilla ice cream









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In case of any drinks allergies, please inform your server. All prices are in ‘000s Uganda Shillings and include Government taxes.