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  • Sweet refreshing martinis drink in green apple flavor with generous measures of house vodka to give it a proper kick.

  • An incarnating cocktail dating back to 1934 comprising of an equal part of vodka and triple sec plus fresh cranberry juice for extra fruitiness.

  • A traditional aperitif vermouth cocktail best for your test buds as you wait to be served a delicious meal, hey do not skip out on the olives.

  • Adopted from the famous cosmopolitan with a minty twist in taste, so let’s sip mix and mingle with this one.

  • A Mexican Tequila thirst quencher with triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice. Please feel free to order the frozen and flavoured versions of strawberry, passion or mango.

  • A gentle mans’ drink that takes a little more time to craft but to a perfect mix of sweet merlot Bourbon whisky drink for a perfect evening.

  • An iconic raspberry-based cocktail infused with fresh berries, perfectly complimented with expressive notes of rum and fresh pineapple juice.

  • The Hickory’s crafty bartenders bring you a well-balanced, spicy and herbaceous gin-based cocktail with hints of rosemary and basil.

  • A Hickory perfection of London Gin, bold and aromatic with a sensational strawberry and grapes finishing. You’ve definitely got to try this!

  • An iced punch comprising of an infusion of fruits and wine. Please do ask your server for either a red or white wine sangria.

  • Famous for evening chills served sweet and sour with a nice pulpy pineapple texture to your pallets.

  • Baileys Irish cream freakshake to a treat of cookies and chocolate.

  • 22

    A Cuban classic dating as far as the 1500’s with a simple mixture of rum, mint, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice; now with fascinating flavours of strawberry, passion, mango and cherry.

  • For the love of our customers it is a no cheats’ zone for us here we go long with the spirits as the name says. For Islanders you are going to love it.

  • Adopted from the famous Dubai bullfrog a boozy energetic drink, five spirits powered with red bull so jump into this frosty pool and get a cold sweat but be careful you might go legless with this one.

  • The pearl of Africa is well known for its beautiful tropical Islands, well we have crafted this fruity punch out of a SoUg spirit Uganda waragi pineapple just feel the island breeze blow you away.

  • We slam and jam it for your vodka enjoyment of a long refreshing drink.

  • 24

    A highly flavoured long refreshing drink with touches of quality rum infused in tropical fruit juice and Italian liqour.

  • Amarula, Chocolate sauce and spiced rum perfectly blended in equal portions will definitely get your slaying ways all lite.

  • Italian liquor infused in fresh juices to wow you till the end with its elegance.

  • Our gin and tonic comes mixed for you that is why we are here, flavored in mint liquer and fresh mint, you’ve got to love this.

  • Get hammered with this passion and berries infused beauty made out of sky vodka. She’s sexy and strong too.

  • Kiss this raspberry vodka cocktail with love and affection, full citric and berry with a tropical touch

  • If you’re in the mood for something tropical, try a Midori Splice. You’ll instantly be whisked away to an island paradise

  • A nice blend of Uganda Waragi coconut with a touch of Smirnoff vodka and fresh strawberry puree

  • Forget the boring pinacolada you know this one combines fruit ‘n’ booze like no other, feel the dark room oh!! Oh!! Rum off hickory bar shelves


Try our selection of a strong but tasty shooters






  • Single 7,000, Double 13,000, Bottle 180,000




  • Single 12,000, Double 22,000, Bottle 350,000

  • Single 9,000, Double 15,000, Bottle 240,000


Single Malt Whiskey


In case of any drinks allergies, please inform your server. All prices are in ‘000s Uganda Shillings and include Government taxes.