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  • Sweet refreshing martinis drink in green apple flavor with generous measures of house vodka to give it a proper kick

  • This incarnating cocktail that back dates to 1934, a creation of pioneer mixology at the Elite Bar is here with us. Hickory we give you equal part of vodka and triple with a little more cranberry for extra fruitiness.

  • A traditional aperitif vermouth cocktail best for your test buds as you wait to be served a delicious meal, hey do not skip out on the olives

  • Adopted from the famous cosmopolitan with a minty twist in taste, so let’s sip mix and mingle with this one

  • A Mexican Tequila thirst quencher and a party mode jump starter after along days’ work. Is it hot out there? Please feel free to order the frozen and flavored versions of Strawberry Passion or Mango. Feel good its’ Summer time

  • A gentle mans’ drink that takes a little more time to craft but to a perfect mix of sweet merlot Bourbon whisky drink for a perfect evening

  • Famous for evening chills served sweet and sour with a nice pulpy pineapple texture to your pallets

  • Baileys Irish cream freakshake to a treat of cookies and chocolate

  • 19

    A famous highly refreshing drink originating from Cuba as far as the 1500 hundreds but still the most widely consumed in the millennium and highly appreciated here in Uganda, well hickory bring you the same and in fascinating flavors of passion spiced mojito mango or…

  • For the love of our customers it is a no cheats’ zone for us here we go long with the spirits as the name says. For Islanders you are going to love it.

  • Adopted from the famous Dubai bullfrog a boozy energetic drink, five spirits powered with red bull so jump into this frosty pool and get a cold sweat but be careful you might go legless with this one.

  • The pearl of Africa is well known for its beautiful tropical Islands, well we have crafted this fruity punch out of a SoUg spirit Uganda waragi pineapple just feel the island breeze blow you away.

  • We bring spicy taste so close to your drink, feel the famous Thailand touch of basil

  • We slam and jam it for your vodka enjoyment of a long refreshing drink

  • We bring spicy taste so close to your drink, feel the famous Thailand touch of basil

  • 23

    A highly flavoured long refreshing drink with touches of quality rum infused in tropical fruit juice and italian liqour

  • Amarula, Chocolate sauce and spiced rum perfectly blended in equal portions will definitely get your slaying ways all lite

  • Italian liquor infused in fresh juices to wow you till the end with its elegance

  • Our gin and tonic comes mixed for you that is why we are here, flavored in mint liquer and fresh mint, you’ve got to love this

  • Get hammered with this passion and berries infused beauty made out of sky vodka. She’s sexy and strong too

  • Kiss this raspberry vodka cocktail with love and affection, full citric and berry with a tropical touch

  • Sophisticated party popper made with Stolichnaya vodka with chilled espresso and chocolate giving it a mocha touch to the palate

  • If you’re in the mood for something tropical, try a Midori Splice. You’ll instantly be whisked away to an island paradise.

  • A spicy lift to a perfect mix of scotch whisky, and ginger highlighting the subtle spice flavours among other great tastes

  • Forget the boring pinacolada you know this one combines fruit ‘n’ booze like no other, feel the dark room oh!! Oh!! Rum off hickory bar shelves

Hickory Softails

  • Who says orange juice is boring, well try this fancy Tropical fruit juice and light up your day

  • Enjoy a cool coastal coconut refresher in sweet pinapple juice

  • For the love of our non alcoholic thirst quenchers Hickory bar crafts you virgin cocktails with tropical fruit juices to a perfect taste with flavors of strawberry passion strawberry and mango

  • Baristas choice of tropical fruits blended with ice.

Try our selection of a strong but tasty shooters








  • Single - 12, Double - 22 & Bottle - 350

  • Single - 9, Double – 15 & Bottle - 240


Single Malt Whiskey


In case of any drinks allergies, please inform your server. All prices are in ‘000s Uganda Shillings and include Government taxes.