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Food Menu

Starters & Soups




(Served with Hickory crispy fries and side salad)

Butcher’s Choice

  • T-bone steak marrinated with thyme and garlic grilled to your tenderness, served with pepper sauce with a choice of either mashed potatoes, Hickory crispy fries, parsley potatoes, potato wedges or rice

  • Grilled fillet of beef marinated in soy sauce and herbs served with assorted vegetables parsley potatoes and topped with Hickory peppercorn or mushroom sauce

  • Fillet grilled to your perfection drizzled with a savory Gorgonzola creamy sauce topped with crispy bacon bits and sliced grilled onion rings and served with lyonnaise potatoes

  • Tender beef fillet wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese and mushrooms served with creamy spinach and lyonnaise potatoes

Pastas & Risotto


  • 7

    Mushroom, mustard, tomato and coriander, roasted black peppercorn creamy sauce, white wine pepper sauce, brown onion sauce

  • 10

    Assorted fresh steamed organic vegetables, Hickory crispy fries, creamy spinach, steamed or vegetable rice, mashed potatoes, potato wedges


  • Grilled tender chops sleeping on a bed of fresh creamy sukuma wiki from our garden served with grilled plantain (Gonja) and mushroom sauce

  • Breaded crispy pork steak stuffed with cooked Ham and cheese topped with a parsley cream sauce and served with lightly buttered parsley potatoes

  • Slow cooked pork fillet in foil served with white wine sauce and herb roasted potatoes

  • Oven baked well-marinated pork ribs in carefully selected herbs served with a side salad and Hickory crispy fries

  • Well marinated chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with spinach and mozzarella cheese served with mushroom sauce and a side of handpicked vegetables and steamed rice

  • Slow pan-fried chicken breast topped with a traditional Italian tomato sauce and served with vegetable rice

  • Juicy chicken breast served with the chef’s special mushroom sauce a choice of your side accompaniment (parsley potatoes, steamed rice, Hickory crispy fries and mashed potatoes)

  • Rosemary, oregano and honey marinated chicken in-bone served with assorted roasted Ugandan vegetables and Hickory crispy fries

  • Breaded tender chicken breast stuffed with cooked Ham anad cheese topped with a creamy Dijon sauce served with lyonnaise potatoes

  • Mixed grill of ¼ chicken, mini beef fillet steak, chicken skewers and pork skewers all served with potato wedges and creamy mushroom sauce

  • Grilled fillet of Tilapia set on a bed of creamy spinach served with olive and dill sauce and steamed rice

  • Lake Victoria Nile Perch marinated and cured with the Chef’s hand picked herbs baked in a creamy lemon sauce and served with paprika finger fries.

  • English style buttered fried tilapia served with fresh garden salad, chips and homemade Tartar sauce

  • Grilled tilapia fillet sleeping on a bed of linguine in pesto sauce served with handpicked organic vegetables

  • Grilled Norwegian salmon served with assorted vegetables and dill sauce and served with vegetable rice

  • Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon in a rich creamy sauce filled with garlic, sundried tomatoes, spinach and Parmesan cheese served with risotto rice

  • Grilled jumbo prawns marinated with garlic, butter, lemon and served with side salad, Hickory crispy fries and tartar sauce


In case of any food allergies, please inform your server. All prices are in ‘000s Uganda Shillings and include Government taxes.